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The Child as Critic: Developing Literacy Through Literature, K-8
Fourth Edition, 2003
Foreword by Bernice Cullinan
"Glenna Sloan leads teachers into the process of turning children into avid readers. This book is an excellent resource for teachers, and with each edition it becomes stronger." From the Foreword by Bernice Cullinan

This classic textbook offers theory and practice for creating and implementing literature-based approaches to the teaching of reading. The author presents teachers with numerous practical suggestions for incorporating these approaches into existing literacy programs, including information on small-group discussion techniques, questioning, ways of eliciting response, record-keeping, evaluation, book selection, and appropriate methods of presentation. This bestselling text has helped countless numbers of teachers, language arts supervisors, and curriculum specialists to create effective reading programs that are fun and inspiring for both the students and the educator.

The completely updated Fourth Edition features:

  • a new chapter discussing the significance of contemporary literary theories for classroom practice.
  • An expanded list of children's authors that includes Russell Hoban's classic, The Mouse and His Child, plus many recently published books such as Deborah Ellis's Parvana's Journey, Avis Harley' s Fly with Poetry: An ABC of Poetry and Ben Mikaelsen's Red Midnight.
  • A new section on storytelling.
  • An expanded poetry section, showing teachers how to get started with poetry in their classrooms.
  • Advice on assessments and suggestions for facilitating writing.
  • Ideas for guiding the reading experience, with particular attention to intertextuality and inquiry.

Give Them Poetry! : A Guide to Sharing Poetry with Children, K-8.

Teachers College Press,Columbia University, 2003.

Based on the premise that poetry and verse, properly presented to children, promotes literacy by fostering an interest in written words, this readable book presents a course of study for adults interested in bringing poetry and children together. Within this practical handbook are introductions to children's poets and their poetry, advice about learning about poetry from the poems themselves, methods of presentation, and ways to encourage poetry writing. Detailed accounts of successful poetry projects conducted by teachers and other adults amaze and inspire.

  • Rich examples of poetry projects in elementary and middle school classrooms.
  • Frequently asked questions about teaching poetry answered by educators from their own classroom experience.
  • Successful strategies for encouraging new and veteran teachers to use-and enjoy-poetry study with their students.
  • Accounts of poetry projects undertaken outside of classrooms, encouraging parents and caregivers to share poetry with children.
  • Words of wisdom from children, educators, and poets.
  • Resources teachers will find useful, such as lists of noted children's poets and helpful reference material on teaching poetry.
  • A foreword in verse by award-winning children's poet, Douglas Florian.

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The Child as Critic

Give Them Poetry!

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Tales Out of School

Cover material by Heinemann for Tales Out of School

Glenna Davis Sloan has seen and done it all in education, and her book shows, by example, why sensitive and compassionate teaching is just as crucial as ever in making the schoolroom a safe, inviting place for learners of all ages. Whether you read her crisp, delicious vignettes in bits and snatches or devour them all at once, Sloan's stories, from both sides of the teacher's desk, acknowledge and celebrate your professionalism and reverberate with vital lessons that any education professional can apply to his or her work right away.

Sometimes poignant, sometimes playful, sometimes triumphant, and always heartfelt, Tales Out of School covers more than sixty years and spans the geographic and philosophical boundaries of twentieth and twenty-first century education. From a desolate one-room schoolhouse to the energizing halls of Columbia's Teachers College; from the suppression and humiliation of teachers who belittled women and regularly employed corporal punishment to the resonant passion and pride that helped her grow into a pioneer of child-centered practice, Sloan's memoir demonstrates not only how her commitment to educational excellence changed her life and those of thousands of children across the country but how you can do the same for your students.

Tales Out of School is a book for anyone interested in education, including policy-makers and parents, and it's ideal for new and preservice teachers who want to know what it takes to be a gifted teacher, veteran teachers looking for a mentor's inspiration, and administrators who want to share the wisdom of a respected leader who has been an active participant in the ever-changing professional landscape. Let Glenna Davis Sloan take you through a lifetime of dedicated teaching and learning; read Tales Out of School and find out why one woman's passion for education means so much to your future practice.

Reader Comment

"Tales Out Of School is a gem of a book. Your energy, honesty, clarity, knowledge, experience, humor and brilliance make it an engaging read¡K."

"Through storytelling no less you gently but passionately show how to embody Respectfulness¡K."

"You illustrate the wisdom of Maslow's ideas: begin with the child¡¦s experience; all can learn and all have gifts; learning should be fun; follow a step-by-step approach, etc."

"I love the modeling, both what to do and not do that runs through the book be it via you, your parents, husband, teachers, or students."

"I do think your book should be required reading for all teachers. Newbies would be inspired and even reassured; good teachers would get a needed boost in morale."

"Parents and politicians need to read and learn from this insightful book."

Dr. Glenna Sloan, Professor Emerita, taught 30+ years in the Division of Education at Queens College, City University of NY, and for 16 years in elementary and junior high schools. Visit her website:

To order, send a check or money order for $10 (includes postage) to Glenna Sloan, 9226 Markley¡¦s Grove Blvd., Summerville, SC 29485

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