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Stealing Time

Ross Miller, eleventh grader, is on dangerous ground. Resentful that his mother moved with him to the suburbs, where he feels isolated and displaced, and devastated by his father's death, Ross takes little interest in what is going on around him. Enter Ted Bartle, always on the watch for the weak to join him in unsavory exploits. Before he realizes what has happened, Ross is unwillingly involved with Bartle and his gang. In his struggles to free himself, the only two acquaintances he has allowed himself to make in his new town are his only hope. An easy-to-read, fast-moving novel for middle school and junior high readers, this realistic story was inspired by a newspaper article about a gang of well-to-do suburban young people involved in dealing drugs and stealing, as they said, "for the thrill of it."

A Year on the Dot

This easy-to-read novel is intended for readers 8 to 12 years. The plot centers on the trials of Melissa, a spirited 12-year-old, an only child, and half orphan. Melissa, a native of New York City, suddenly finds herself packed off to move in with her aunt in Campbell's Corners, which to Melissa seems like a dot in the middle of nowhere on the map of Ontario. Not only does Melissa have to deal with the unusual news that her father has left without a word of explanation and the realization that Aunt Katherine doesn't want her, but she has difficulty adjusting to life in a country school among children suspicious of strangers, especially one as independent as Melissa.

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