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Elementary and Middle School Teachers

Teaching with Trade Books: The Sloan Model

Instruction in developing and implementing literature-based language arts and reading programs, independent of or in conjunction with basal reader or other literacy programs or systems. Classroom organization, book selection, grouping, questioning, record-keeping, the reading-writing connection, independent reading, and methods of evaluation are among the topics covered.

Selection and Evaluation of Children's Literature

Critical analysis of contemporary and classic children's literature in all genres, with emphasis on selection of reading material for specific groups of children.

Poetry in the Language Arts Program

The place and importance of poetry as a means of developing literacy. Selection of suitable poetry and techniques for its presentation. How to encourage children to write poetry. Methods in oral interpretation of poetry.

Storytelling: Technique and Classroom Applications

Instruction and practice in the art and technique of storytelling. Exploration of its potential to motivate interest in language and to enrich all areas of the curriculum.


Writing Seminars for Seniors

Instruction and coaching in translating memories, imaginings, and personal history into memoirs and poetry.

FEES     One, two, three, four, or more sessions are available for each seminar. Each session is 1-1/2 hours. The fee is $350 per session or $1200 for a series of four sessions. Hours are arranged at the convenience of participants. To book a seminar or for further information, contact Dr. Sloan at 843-771-1138 or by email:

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